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Congratulations to the Educational Foundation's most recent PIE Grant award winners.  The following grants were announced for the 2013-2014 school year.  Congratulations and our sincerest appreciation to all of Barrington 220's innovators!
Project Name Applicant School Grade Cost Notes
Literary Feast:  Hough Book Club Mary Marks Hough K-5 $1,500.00 Award winning books for summer reading club
Independent Learning Station Materials Debbie Scanlon Margaret Miller Grove K $1,392.00 Learning carpets, reader theatre, leveled books, magnet boards
Enriching Math Skills Laura Heath Lines K-5 $1,500.00 Math Games and Manipulatives
Document Cameras for Math Amy Rolain Lines K-5 $1,270.00 Two document cameras
Engaging Students in non-fiction Kirby Andler BMS-Prairie6 $855.00 Non-fiction books for 6th graders
P.E. Weight Course Tim Norwood BHS 11,12 $750.00 Training bands/Tubes
Health Ed Reading Initiative Cindy Guerrero BHS 10 $733.00 Supplemental Health books
      Total Due: $8,000.00