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2013 Honorary Donations Received

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2013 Honorary Donations
The District 220 Educational Foundation is pleased to acknowledge the following individuals, who were honored with donations to the Foundation, in their names, in 2013:

Jim Aalfs, Hough Street School
Joshua Ackert, BMS - Prairie
Eliza Aliotta, Barbara B. Rose School
Mila Allen, Hough Street School
Michelle Alvarez, North Barrington School
Kirby Andler, BMS - Prairie
Jeffrey Arnett, District 220 Administrative Offices
Laura Baker, BMS - Station
Babbi Barreiro, Barrington High School
James Bartlett, BMS - Prairie
Kevin Bauer, BMS - Station
Joan Bell, Barrington High School
Wendy Bellagamba, Hough Street School
Mercedes Beltran, Barrington High School
William Bentley, BMS - Prairie
Chalen Bielski, North Barrington School
Janet Blake, Barbara B. Rose School
Meghan Boekholder, BMS - Station
Amber Bostock, Countryside School
Amy Boucek, BMS - Prairie
Laurie Breckan, Grove Avenue School
Tom Bredemeier, Barrington High School
Heather Bressett, BMS - Prairie
Edward Bryson, BMS - Station
Brian Buesing, BMS - Prairie
Sara Calhoun, Barrington High School
Dorinda Campbell, Countryside School
Scott Carlson, Barbara B. Rose School
Gayle Carzoli, Barrington High School
Jennifer Casado, BMS - Station
Thomas Chall, BMS - Station
Brooke Cheng, BMS - Prairie
Brooke Cheng, BMS - Station
Kiag-Lian Chin, Countryside School
Brad Choate, BMS - Prairie
Brigette Clemons, Grove Avenue School
Jennifer Conant, Hough Street School
Marta Constenla, Barrington High School
Pov Corriveau, BMS - Station
Ioanna Davos, BMS - Station
Rey DeLe Torre, BMS - Station
Marty Dello, Barrington High School
Jeffrey Dionesotes, Barrington High School
Michelle Dituri, BMS - Station
Deidre    Dobbels, Hough Street School
Ginny Doherty, Barbara B. Rose School
Jeffrey Doles, Barrington High School
Kimberely Domenz, BMS - Station
Amber Doty, BMS - Station
Charlene Doty, Barbara B. Rose School
Sarah Dowdy, Arnett C. Lines
Laura Dragosz, Arnett C. Lines
Brandon Duke, BMS - Station
Cathy Dunn, Hough Street School
Chris Dunn, Countryside School
Marla Engleman, Barrington High School
Lincoln Estes, BMS - Station
Stephanie    Federspiel, BMS - Prairie
Shannon Feineis, Barrington High School
Barb Floyd, Countryside School
Jolie Galovich, Barrington High School
Timothy Gapp, North Barrington School
Tara Gerber, BMS - Prairie
Kimberly Gillengerten, Barbara B. Rose School
Sarah Giunchedi, Arnett C. Lines
Chad Glinski, BMS - Prairie
Dan Gonka, Barbara B. Rose School
Justin Gordon, BMS - Prairie
Michael Gordon, BMS - Prairie
Nicole Gorges, Countryside School
Brandi Gorman, Countryside School
Amanda    Gough, Barbara B. Rose School
Kara Greenberger, BMS - Station
Patricia Haney, Hough Street School
Kelly Haradon, Hough Street School
Vicki    Harling, BMS - Station
Lauren Healy, Hough Street School
Laura Heath, Arnett C. Lines
Sarah Heldt, BMS - Station
Neva Hillard, Barbara B. Rose School
Michael Holmes, BMS - Prairie
Julie Howard, BMS - Prairie
Meghan Hoxmeier, Barrington High School
Nita    Hunter, BMS - Station
Anna Jagielski, Hough Street School
Cheryl Jellovitz, Hough Street School
Mary Anne Jones, Countryside School
Sahira Jyawook, BMS - Prairie
Tracy Kalas, BMS - Prairie
Michele Kandl, BMS - Prairie
Randy Karon, Barrington High School
Pam Katchen, Hough Street School
Kevin Kienzle, Arnett C. Lines
Mary Kieputa, BMS - Prairie
Dori Knapik, Hough Street School
June Kramer, Barrington High School
Tim Kramer, BMS - Prairie
Ryan Kuehne, Barbara B. Rose School
Todd Kuklinski, BMS - Prairie
Donna Kusch, Countryside School
Kristin Lanan, Hough Street School
John Laystrom, BMS - Prairie
Donna Lebda, North Barrington School
Susan LeFevre, BMS - Station
Paula Lichtenstein, BMS - Station
Jennie Lim, Countryside School
Travis Lobbins, BMS - Prairie
Kathryn Luckman, BMS - Station
Shelby Lunte, Barrington High School
Eilizabeth Madrid, Roslyn Road School
Jennifer Magdalener, Hough Street School
Cheryl Marback, Hough Street School
Jamie Markin, Barbara B. Rose School
Mary Marks, Hough Street School
Kimberly Mayland, Arnett C. Lines
Kathleen McCullough, BMS - Prairie
Irma McElroy, BMS - Station
Danielle McEvoy, Barrington High School
Kory McGinn, Barbara B. Rose School
Lauri Meckert, BMS - Station
Pamela Meiser, Barbara B. Rose School
Jana Mendro, BMS - Station
Ronald Metcalf, Barbara B. Rose School
Kathryn Michels, North Barrington School
Glenn Miller, Arnett C. Lines
Michelle Miller, Countryside School
Margaret Miskovetz, BMS - Prairie
Bonnie Mitzner, BMS - Prairie
Bonnie Mitzner, BMS - Station
Dodd Mohr, BMS - Station
Marita Moll, BMS - Station
Kathleen Moody, Barrington High School
Blanca Moran, Sunny Hill School
Sophia Moraris, Barrington High School
Brenda Mota, Countryside School
Wanchalee Mui, BMS - Prairie
Susan Munro, BMS - Station
Adam Musolf, BMS - Station
Judith Musschoot, BMS - Station
Georgia Nelson, Hough Street School
Michael Nelson, BMS - Prairie
Mike Nelson, Grove Avenue School
Timothy Norwood, Barrington High School
Adrienne O’Brien, Roslyn Road School
Adam Olson, BMS - Station
Christine Oppice, BMS - Station
Frances Ortiz, Countryside School
Robin Padal, BMS - Station
Mary Therese Palarz, BMS - Station
Perry Peterson, BMS - Station
Tanya Pfeiffer, Barbara B. Rose School
Laura Phillips, North Barrington School
Heather Price, BMS - Station
Jeff Price, BMS - Station
Laura Proctor, BMS - Station
Carrie Raia, BMS - Station
Valerie Reynolds, Hough Street School
Timothy Rietz, BMS - Station
Rachel Rosellini, Grove Avenue School
Rachel Rothman, Countryside School
Amy Runyon, BMS - Station
Joe Rupsch, BMS - Prairie
Alan Sanders, Barrington High School
James Schmidt, BMS - Station
Anne Schmitt, BMS - Prairie
Heather Schumacher, BMS - Station
Jill Schweiger, Arnett C. Lines
Robert Seidel, Barrington High School
William Seidel, BMS - Station
Rachel Sepe, Hough Street School
Kim Sitzberger, Barbara B. Rose School
Terry Skibiski, Hough Street School
Christopher Smith, Barrington High School
Lonnette Smith, Barbara B. Rose School
Ilona Solymossy, Barbara B. Rose School
Sheila Soss, Barrington High School
Kendra Soszko, Hough Street School
Christine Soukup, BMS - Prairie
Hagop Soulakian, Barrington High School
Scott Steib, Barrington High School
Kara Stengren, BMS - Station
Julie Sulak, Hough Street School
Susan Teegarden, Barrington High School
Laura Tilson, Countryside School
Karen Tischhauser, BMS - Station
Susan Tulini, BMS - Station
Carolyn Turcotte, BMS - Prairie
Janet Tuzzolino, North Barrington School
Shilpa Vakayil, Countryside School
Anthony Venetico, Barrington High School
Michael Verciglio, BMS - Prairie
Amy Vittetoe, BMS - Prairie
George Vlasis, Hough Street School
Joshua Wager, Grove Avenue School
Dawn Walter, Hough Street School
Denise Washlow, Countryside School
Anthony Wass, Barrington High School
Kurt Weisenburger, Barrington High School
Scott Wessman, BMS - Station
Michelle Wheeland, Hough Street School
Tamara Willie, BMS - Station
Martha Womack, BMS - Prairie
Diane Wood, North Barrington School

Congratulations to all the honorees.  Our sincerest appreciation goes to the thoughtful donors who chose to honor these individuals.
If you are interested in making a donation to the Foundation in honor of another individual, please click here for information.