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Honorary Donations Received

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2014 Honorary Donations
The District 220 Educational Foundation is pleased to acknowledge the following individuals, who were honored with donations to the Foundation, in their names, in 2014:

6th Grade Mustang Team, BMS-Prairie Campus
Jim Aalfs, Hough Street School
Joshua Ackert, BMS-Prairie Campus
Karen Alfano, North Barrington School
Mila Allen, Hough Street School
Lori Anderson, Grove Avenue School
Kirby Andler, BMS-Prairie Campus
Jeff Arnett, District 220 Administrative Office
Kate Ashcraft, BMS-Prairie Campus
Valerie Baartz, Countryside School
Robert Baker, Barrington High School
James Bartlett, BMS-Prairie Campus
Kevin Bauer, BMS-Station Campus
Bryan Becker, BMS-Prairie Campus
Wendy Bellagamba, Hough Street School
Mercedes Beltran, Barrington High School
William Bentley, BMS-Prairie Campus
Janet Blake, Barbara B. Rose School
Loretta Blecha, Barrington High School
Tracie Bloomfield, BMS-Station Campus
Pamela Blue, Countryside School
Meghan  Boekholder, BMS-Station Campus
Jennifer Boldt, Arnett C. Lines School
Melissa Boscarino, BMS-Prairie Campus
Amy Boucek, BMS-Prairie Campus
Tom Bredemeier, Barrington High School
Amy Breidenbach, Grove Avenue School
Heather Bressett, BMS-Prairie Campus
Ed Bryson, BMS-Station Campus
JasonBurke, Barrington High School
Luana Byte, BMS-Prairie Campus
Sara Calhoun, Barrington High School
Dorinda Campbell, Countryside School
Tom Chall, BMS-Station Campus
Brooke Cheng, BMS-Station Campus
Karla Cherry, Barrington High School
Kiag-Lian Chin, North Barrington School
Jennifer Conant, Hough Street School
Chris Condrad, Barrington High School
Carissa Coons, Barrington High School
PovCorriveau, BMS-Station Campus
Nancy  Creswell, Barrington High School
Deidra Cubias, Countryside School
Joy Dato, Countryside School
Ioanna Davos, BMS-Station Campus
Melissa DeBruin, Grove Avenue School
TedDeBruin, Arnett C. Lines School
Rey DeLaTorre, BMS-Station Campus
Brian Denesha, Barrington High School
JesseDionesotes, Hough Street School
Jeff Doles, Barrington High School
Kimberly Domenz, BMS-Station Campus
Megan Donavon, BMS-Station Campus
Sarah Dowdy, Arnett C. Lines School
LauraDragosz, Arnett C. Lines School
Xia Du, Countryside School
Rita Duffy, Early   Learning Center
Michael Duggan, BMS-Station Campus
BrandonDuke, BMS-Station Campus
Christine Dunn, Countryside School
Lucia Dvorak, Barrington High School
Kendra Ellish-Soszko, Hough Street School
Lyndsy Eltman, North Barrington School
Karen Enright, Barrington High School
Ben Fitzpatrick, BMS-Station Campus
Paul Fleck, BMS-Station Campus
Barbara Floyd, Countryside School
Polly Foley, Barrington High School
Eileen Forrest, Arnett C. Lines School
Kimberly Foster-Thomas, Countryside School
Jolie Galovich, Barrington High School
Timothy Gapp, North Barrington School
Nicki Gavin, BMS-Prairie Campus
Matthew Gelon, Barrington High School
Tara Gerber, BMS-Prairie Campus
Becky Gill, District 220 Administrative Office
Sarah Giunchedi, Arnett C. Lines School
Chad Glinski, BMS-Prairie Campus
Dan Gonka, Barbara B. Rose School
Justin Gordon, BMS-Prairie Campus
Kimberly Gordon, BMS-Prairie Campus
Michael Gordon, BMS-Prairie Campus
Todd Gorges, Countryside School
Brandi Gorman, Countryside School
Rebecca Hahn, Barrington High School
Elizabeth Hale, BMS-Prairie Campus
Patricia Haney, Hough Street School
Kelly Haradon, Hough Street School
Stephanie Hargreaves, Barrington High School
Victoria Harms, Countryside School
Lauren Healy, Hough Street School
Laura Heath, Arnett C. Lines School
Sarah Heldt, BMS-Station Campus
Sean Higgins, Barrington High School
Cynthia Hoch, Grove Avenue School
Elizabeth Hopkins, BMS-Prairie Campus
Diana Horrigan, BMS-Prairie Campus
NitaHunter, BMS-Station Campus
Brigette Hurst, Grove Avenue School
AnnaJagielski, Hough Street School
Michelle Jakubowski, Barrington High School
SaraJirasek, North Barrington School
Austin Johnson, North Barrington School
Rebecca Johnson, Grove Avenue School
Tracy Kalas, BMS-Prairie Campus
Michael Kallenbach, BMS-Prairie Campus
Kevin Kaplan, Barrington High School
Randy Karon, Barrington High School
Jennifer Karrow, BMS-Prairie Campus
Pam Katchen, Hough Street School
Eleni Keller, Hough Street School
Kevin Kienzle, Arnett C. Lines School
Mary Kiepura, BMS-Prairie Campus
Marla Kinross, North Barrington School
Dori Knapik, Hough Street School
June Kramer, Barrington High School
Tim Kramer, BMS-Prairie Campus
Sharon Kranz, Hough Street School
Todd Kuklinski, Barrington High School
Donna Kusch, Countryside School
Kristin Lanan, Hough Street School
Ernest Lane, Barrington High School
Amy Lechowicz, Countryside School
Susan LeFevre, BMS-Station Campus
Colleen Lenderman, BMS-Station Campus
Kathryn Luckman, BMS-Station Campus
Shelby Lunte, Barrington High School
Jennifer Magdalener, Hough Street School
Timothy Maguire, BMS-Station Campus
Kathleen Martin, Barrington High School
Kimberly Mayland, Arnett C. Lines School
Sara Mays, Arnett C. Lines School
Kathleen McCullough, BMS-Prairie Campus
Diana McKee, Barbara B. Rose School
Jeffrey McMahon, Barrington High School
Colleen McWalter, Barrington High School
Lauri Meckert, BMS-Station Campus
Maricela Mendez, Arnett C. Lines School
Kathryn Michels, North Barrington School
Barbara Miller, Barrington High School
Margaret Miskovetz, BMS-Prairie Campus
Matthew Mizanin, Barrington High School
Marc Moeller, BMS-Prairie Campus
Dodd Mohr, BMS-Station Campus
Sophia Moraris, Barrington High School
Elizabeth Morizzo, Barrington High School
Liz Morton, Barrington High School
Brenda Mota, Countryside School
Wanchalee Mui, BMS-Prairie Campus
Susan Munro, BMS-Station Campus
Andrew Nelson, BMS-Station Campus
Georgia Nelson, Hough Street School
MikeNelson, BMS-Prairie Campus
Caralee Niemiec, Early   Learning Center
Amy Novick, Hough Street School
Sarah Ogan, BMS-Prairie Campus
Adam Olson, BMS-Station Campus
Frances Ortiz, Countryside School
RobinPadal, BMS-Station Campus
Therese Palarz, BMS-Station Campus
Karuna Parmar, Barrington High School
John Parolin, Barrington High School
LuPauwels, Countryside School
Lauren Pennock, Barrington High School
Gail Permenter, Early   Learning Center
Keri Personette, Hough Street School
Perry Peterson, BMS-Station Campus
Laura Phillips, North Barrington School
Paul Pinnow, Barrington High School
Heather Price, BMS-Station Campus
Jeff Price, BMS-Station Campus
Laura Procter, BMS-Station Campus
Carrie Raia, BMS-Station Campus
Sam Raia, Barrington High School
Tina Reckamp, BMS-Prairie Campus
Val Reynolds, Hough Street School
Daniel Riskind, Barrington High School
Jennifer Robinson, Barrington High School
TomRoot, Grove Avenue School
Justine Rovin, Barrington High School
Jessica Royal, Barrington High School
Amy Ruer, Countryside School
Amy Runyon, BMS-Station Campus
KimRyder, Barbara B. Rose School
Laura Salazar, Grove Avenue School
Kylen Sandquist, BMS-Station Campus
James Schmidt, BMS-Station Campus
Katherine Schmitt, Barrington High School
Allison Schultz, BMS-Station Campus
Jill Schweiger, Arnett C. Lines School
Clark Sheldon, Barrington High School
Marianne Shiroda, Grove Avenue School
Tracey Signorile, Early   Learning Center
Terry Skibiski, Hough Street School
Lonnie Smith, Barbara B. Rose School
Megan Smith, BMS-Prairie Campus
Kelley Sohler, Barrington High School
Kristina Sorrentino, Barrington High School
Sheila Soss, Barrington High School
Lisa Southern, Barrington High School
Brian Splinter, BMS-Prairie Campus
Christopher Stec, BMS-Prairie Campus
Kara Stengren, BMS-Station Campus
Alexandra Stevenson, Barrington High School
Derek Straight, Barbara B. Rose School
Melanie Stumpf, Barrington High School
Julie Sulak, Hough Street School
Debbie Swiatek, Barrington High School
Michael Szewczykowski, Barrington High School
Karen Tischhauser, BMS-Station Campus
Mark Toerpe, BMS-Station Campus
Bryan Tucker, Barrington High School
Laura Turngren, Barrington High School
Janet Tuzzolino, North Barrington School
David  Udchik, Barrington High School
Carlynn Ullrich Sherman, BMS-Prairie Campus
Dawn Unger, Arnett C. Lines School
Pamela VanLeirsburg, Barrington High School
Christina Varey, Barrington High School
George Vlasis, Hough Street School
Coy Walcott, Grove Avenue School
Mary Wei Weerts, Barbara B. Rose School
Stephanie Weiss, Barrington High School
Mary Wesolik, Hough Street School
Mary Anne Wesoloski, Countryside School
Todd Wiencek, Grove Avenue School
Tamra Wille, BMS-Station Campus
Carissa Wilson, Barrington High School
Craig Winkelman, BMS-Station Campus
Patrick Wire, Barrington High School
Paul Zurek, Barrington High School

Congratulations to all the honorees.  Our sincerest appreciation goes to the thoughtful donors who chose to honor these individuals.
If you are interested in making a donation to the Foundation in honor of another individual, please click here for information.