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Financial Highlights
Fiscal Year 2012 - 2013 
Foundation Income
We receive donations from generous people who contribute by attending our special events (Music Fest, Golf Outing) and/or responding to our appeals (Spring Major Project Announcement mailing, End of Year Letter).
Revenue 2013
 Rev 2013
Foundation Disbursements
The Foundation expenditures for the 2012 -13 project year were allocated as follows.  A description of the projects follows the graph.
Note: *Management/Bank & Professional Fees Includes $37,394 In-Kind Donations 
Exp 2013

Foundation Tax Return 
Our tax return is available for inspection by request.  Please email the Foundation Treasurer at
Project Descriptions
Listed below is a brief summary of the projects funded by the Educational Foundation in 2012 - 2013.  For more information, please click on the grant award categories on our website: Major Projects, PIE Grants, and Helping Hand Grants. 

Major Projects

Project Lead the Way:  Supplies and equipment for the nationally recognized pre-engineering program, Civil Engineering and Architecture.

OverDrive: a digital distributor of eBooks, audiobooks and other digital content which will provide Barrington 220 with a download service from more than 1,000 publishers. This service facilitates the integration of eBooks and other digital content into the school libraries. OverDrive resources enhance student engagement through the technology to which they are accustomed. Students can read books on their own personal devices or school-assigned devices like an iPod or Kindle.  
Barrington High School Interactive Document CamerasA document camera can enhance instruction for all students by extending the use of the SMART Board, actively engaging students in the learning process, and providing a medium for immediate and authentic feedback on a student's work.  Student work can be displayed to the entire class which can facilitate editing, revising, modeling, and peer reviewing.  Worksheets and graphic organizers can be filled out as a classroom activity where hands-on learners can take the lead.  Visual learners can benefit from the use of a classroom document camera by seeing small 3-D items, text, and demonstrations, in a much bigger way.
This grant covers the purchase of 25 SMART document cameras at Barrington High School. 

PIE Grants

Projects for Innovation and Enhancement Grants provide the opportunity to develop and implement projects that teachers and staff believe will benefit students.  The grants are awarded each spring, up to $1,500, to ambitious teachers who submit proposals for innovative projects.

Helping Hand Grants
Helping Hands Grants award up to $500 per award (one time only) to provide teachers and staff with practical supplies and delivery of instructional projects when no other funding source is available. 

Included in Other Programs  

Memorial Grants

Jenni Luby Grant  Family and friends established this ten year grant in 2006, in memory of longtime district employee Jenni Luby.  It was funded with a restricted donation designed to help staff develop and expand their teaching skills.