P.O. Box 262 • Barrington, IL 60011

2011 Recipients

Project Name Applicant School Grade Notes
Award Winning Info Linda Lasik/Patti Hecker Sunny Hill 4,5 Flip Video Cameras to record Book Trailers for Illinois Book Award books.
Walking School Bus Mary Anne Wesoloski Sunny Hill K,1,2,3,4,5 Encourage Sunny Hill students to walk to school safely for exercise and good health.  Parent volunteers would "pick up" students at designated stops and walk them to school as a group.
Explore Barrington Mary Marks Hough 3 Digital cameras to document and explore Barrington…to be used in conjunction with Social Studies projects.
Physics Wind Turbine Matt Gelon BHS 9,10,11,12 AP Physics students to build a wind turbine, in conjunction with Woods classes, to produce and analyze electricity.  
TI Navigator Ernest Lane BHS 9,10,11,12 Texas Instruments System for interactive lessons to be downloaded to each student's TI calculator from this navigator.
Pathways Photos Stephanie Hargreaves BHS 9,10,11,12 Photo paper and film for Pathways students to express themselves creatively.
Latino Summit Monica Barreiro BHS 9,10,11,12 Latino Summit at Harper with northwest suburban high schools.  Goal is to improve achievement among Latino students.
Tech to Empower Learning Becky Banach Grove 2,3,4,5 Six Flip Video Cameras and tripods for projects.
Flip for Music Alison Rohrback All 8 elementary schools 1,2,3,4,5 Flip Video Cameras to record music in classrooms.
Visual Literacy Denise Gustalli Early Learning Center Pre-K Document Camera for ELC

2010 Recipients
Project Name Applicant School Grade Notes
Lines School Garden Beth Reiner Adler Lines K-5
Modeled after Roslyn Rd.’s garden, create a garden for active application of math, science and social skills.
Improving Fluency & Comprehension Through Audio Books Amy Rolain Lines K-5
To improve fluency and comprehension by developing a high quality audio book collection.
iPOD Reading/Math Extensions Dee Grande Sunny Hill K-5
iPOD’s to help students with reading and math extensions for students who do not have access to these devices.
Connected Reading Through Listening Stacey Lang Roslyn Road K-5
Address the need of struggling readers with goals of improved reading ability, interest for lifelong reading skills.
Grove Ave. School’s 1st Vegetable Garden Dr. Cindy Kalogeropoulos Grove Ave. K-5
To teach the students about creating a healthy life by planting a vegetable garden as well as donate vegetables to the Barrington Food Pantry
The 3F Project Andrew Bush Sunny Hill K-5
After School sports club to give students a chance to learn the sports that other students in the district have by participating in various sports; thus, allowing the Sunny Hill students a chance to make the BHS sports teams.
2009 Recipients
Project Name Applicant School Grade Notes
Flip-ping Over Fizx Chris Smith, Damian Simmons BHS 9-12
Video camera to use with video analysis programs already on the computers
Geography Materials: Mapping

Mary Marks, Terry Skibiski

Hough 4th
Google Maps Artist in Residency and maps
Special Olympics Team Equipment Shandra Nosal, Jodi Schoeck Roslyn All 12 grades
Training equipment and banner
Enhancing Communicative Interactions Jennifer Simonaitis Woodland All

Training courses to better communications between adults and students 

Ball Chairs Kathy Spinabella Physical Therapy K-12
Therapy training and use at all schools to promote posture, focus, flexibility, strength, balance & coordination
P.A.L.S. Alicia Bongiovanni BMS Station All
Supplies for projects allowing student participation in community service to meet Illinois standards for Social Emotional development