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Inclement Weather / School Closings

Inclement Weather Procedures

  • There are two procedures that may be implemented due to severe weather conditions. The first is a Late Start procedure; the second is an Early Dismissal procedure. Please read below and click here to see a chart that overviews both scenarios.  

    School closings due to severe weather or other unusual circumstances will be announced between 6:30 and 8 a.m. on the District website and by an automated phone calling system. You may also tune in to one of the following:

    AM Radio


    FM Radio


    Television Stations

    WGN-TV 9
    CBS -TV 2
    NBC-TV 5
    Fox -32


    Late Start Procedure

    Late Start procedures will be implemented when there is clear evidence that if the start of the day is delayed approximately 90 minutes, it will be safe to transport your child.

    On Late Start days, elementary schools will begin at 10:30 a.m. and end at the normal time. No morning kindergarten or Early Childhood AM bus routes will run when this procedure is implemented and these programs will therefore be cancelled. Middle schools will begin at 9:25 a.m. and end at the normal time, and high school will begin at 8:50 a.m. and end at the normal time.

    Many parents rely on the KEEP Program for childcare before school. Unfortunately, the KEEP Program will not be able to operate on days when there is severe weather in the morning. Many of the excellent people who work with your children have other commitments later in the morning. KEEP will operate in the afternoon as usual. Regular food service will be provided on late start days. Late start will only be implemented when the school’s schedule needs to be adjusted for safety reasons. 

    Early Dismissal Procedure

    There may be some occasions where it will be necessary to dismiss school early. On these days, middle and high schools will dismiss first. Elementary schools will release students approximately 45 minutes later. However, the severity of the inclement weather conditions makes it very difficult to accurately predict an actual dismissal or home arrival time. Phones messages and postings on the district web page will keep parents updated regarding the progress of early dismissal. The KEEP program will not operate in the afternoon on early dismissal days. No afternoon kindergarten or Early Childhood PM bus routes will run when this procedure is implemented and these programs will therefore be cancelled. Extended Day Early Childhood, Sunny Hill Extended Day Kindergarten, and Dual Language Extended Day Kindergarten students will follow the elementary school dismissal times.

    How Dismissal Decisions are Made

    The decision to implement these procedures will be made after carefully assessing a given weather situation. The safety of your child is at the forefront in the decision-making process. The district will make every effort to assure no child is sent to an unattended home, but to assist the schools, parents should create emergency back up plans in advance for children in the event of an early dismissal. 

    How Dismissal Decisions are Communicated

    We will always post information on our website and send recorded voice messages to parents’ phone numbers regarding altered dismissals due to inclement weather. Our emergency notification system automatically imports phone numbers from school records. Therefore, it is very important that you keep your contact information current on the school’s records. We want you to receive important messages so please make sure your phone numbers listed in your student’s Infinite Campus records are accurate so you can receive messages.

    Reopening of school will not be announced, but the closing announcement will be made each day as necessary. In the unlikely event that the decision is made to dismiss students before the end of the school day, radio and TV stations will be notified, and the automated phone calling system will be activated to inform parents directly.