Health Requirements for School Entry

Per Board of Education Policy 7:100, all students must meet the health requirements as outlined by the Illinois Department of Public Health. The physical examination and immunization requirements must be in place before school entry. For health and safety reasons, students that are non-compliant will not be allowed to start classes.

Exam Forms

Physical Examination
The examination is due prior to the first day of school
  • Completed within one year prior to the date of entrance for:
    • Students entering the following grade levels/programs: Early Childhood, Kindergarten or First Grade, Sixth Grade, and Ninth Grade.
    • New students transferring from out-of-state or out of country schools have 30 days from the date of registration in the district.
    • Students transferring from an Illinois School,their mandated examination is due prior to starting school in #220.


The immunization record is due prior to the first day of school.

·     Grades Preschool through twelve: All students must show evidence of having received immunizations as required by the Illinois Department of Public Health for grade level. Mandated vaccines include diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), tetanus, poliomyelitis, mumps, measles, rubella, haemophilus influenza type b, pneumococcal, hepatitis B, varicella (chicken pox) and meningococcal conjugate vaccine.

Clinic Information (download here)
NEW STATE OF IL VACCINE REQUIREMENTS 2015-2016 for grade 6 and grade 12 students:
Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine (protects against bacterial meningitis, a rapidly progressive and life threatening disease):
     *  6th graders: ONE dose of MCV4 on or after the 11th birthday
     *12th graders: TWO doses of MCV4 with the second dose given on or after the 16th b-day or ONE dose on or after the 16th b-day. 
 Health Requirements by Grade Levels
  • Upon preschool entry
  • Upon kindergarten entry – Vaccine boosters are due
  • Grades Preschool and five – Hepatitis B vaccine series
  • Grades six through twelve – One dose of tetanus, diphtheria, acellular pertussis (Tdap)

Vision Examination
The examination is due by October 15th of the current school year.

  • Is required for all students entering:
    • Kindergarten
    • All students entering an Illinois school from out of state or out of country
    • For all students entering school for the first time, regardless of grade level (K through twelve).

Dental Examination
The examination is due by May 15
th of the current school year.

  • Is required for all students entering:
    • Kindergarten
    • Second grade
    • Sixth grade 

Objection of Parent or Legal Guardian
Parents or guardians may object to health examinations or immunizations on religious grounds are not required to submit their children or wards to either, providing they present a signed statement to this effect. The objection must set forth the specific religious belief which conflicts with the examination, specific immunization(s) or other medical intervention.

Physical Examinations for Sports Participation:
Required annually to try out and participate for sports in grades six through twelve. The mandated DHS physical examination completed for grades six and nine will meet the sports requirement. Grades 7,8, 10,11, and 12 require a new sports physical examination.