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1950Need a volunteer
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1952Need a volunteer
1953Need a volunteer
1954Need a volunteer
1955Mary Walbaum Williams
1956James Condill
1957David Buckley
1958Need a volunteer
1959Need a volunteer
1960Need a volunteer
1961Sally Price, Don Thompson
1962Linda White
1963Edmund Wichman
1964Need a volunteer
1965Gail Carty Chrzan, James Potter
1966Kay Etters Griffith, Linda Magnano
1967Ron Cowell, Jeff Fouse, Ron Clarkson
1968Mickey Gillogly Nelson, Evie Chabrain Stachura
1969Irene Connolly Honeycutt
1970Kathleen Harris
1971Christine Lally Dineen
1972 Ginger Johnson Pillman
1973Need a volunteer
1974Susan Ferry, Karen Pfeifer
1975Vicki Bretthauer
1976Nancy Huehl
1977John Briggs
1978Jann Hagglund, Andrea Smith
1979Linda Zinkann-Ryan
1980Susan Koedoot
1981Mike Bentle
1982Colleen Stevanovich
1983Britta Wasem
1984Patricia Haney
1985Need a volunteer
1986Debra Johnson
1987Dena Murges, Mary Kay Nichols
1988Kimbra Burnside
1989Christopher Thompson
1990Jorie Sandburg
1991Need a volunteer
1992Need a volunteer
1993Christopher Nurre
1994Annette Baird
1995Need a volunteer
1996Nicole Hands
1997Kim Tirapelle
1998Rebecca George
1999Katie Edinger
2000Need a volunteer
2001Ginny Gilbert
2002Need a volunteer
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2010Julian Rodriguez & Andrew Gray