Erika's Lighthouse 
Barrington has joined their forces with our very own Erika's Lighthouse chapter! 


Erika's lighthouse students Erika's Lighthouse

H.E.R.E. in Barrington works diligently with BHS student board members to fight the stigma regarding mental illness.

Under the direction of H.E.R.E. Co-President and BHS Student Assistance Program Coordinator, Amy Winkleman, BHS H.E.R.E. students continue to work with Erika’s Lighthouse in providing panel presentations on depression to Junior and Senior BHS gym classes. They provide activities that promote mental wellness, education about suicide prevention and opportunities to break down the stigma around mental illness. 

Erika’s Lighthouse is a Chicago-area organization, whose goal is educating communities about mental health issues. They create clubs in area schools and train club members to give teen panel programs. This program is a peer-to-peer depression education program, where students learn to speak to their classmates about depression, the warning signs and how to get help to their peers. There are currently 24 student panels throughout Chicago area.For more info go to

For a wonderful handbook for parents on adolescent depression and treatment and how to get treatment go to: