5.20 - Student Medication

  • For form and procedures, please visit this link. If you have any questions, please contact your school nurse.

    PRESS 7:270, Administering Medicines to Students
    PRESS 7:270-AP, Dispensing Medication
    PRESS 7:270-E, School Medication Authorization Form
    1Students who are diabetic may also self-carry and self-administer diabetic testing supplies and insulin.  Diabetic students must have a separate Diabetes Care Plan.  For further information, see:  www.iasb.com/law/diabmats.cfm, Handbook Procedure 1.130 (Care of Students with Diabetes) and Handbook Procedure 1.130-E1 (Exhibit:  Authorization to Provide Diabetes Care, Release of Health Care Information, and Acknowledgement of Responsibilities).