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Parents and other adult supporters of the arts join together through the BHS Fine Arts Boosters (FAB) for the benefit of BHS Fine Arts students. The FAB provides scholarships, sponsorships of visiting artists, support for trips to other areas to perform or exhibit, assistance with uniforms, equipment, special musical, dramatic or visual properties, and supplemental materials for teachers where not provided for in the school budget. The FAB also provides stipends and scholarships to students.  The FAB is funded through memberships and the annual Citrus Fundraiser.
Please consider becoming a member of the BHS Fine Arts Boosters. The FAB meets the first Monday of the month at 7:30pm in BHS Room C271. Attending a FAB meeting is a wonderful way to become informed about BHS fine arts news and events. Meetings are also a great way to meet others who support the arts!  
Please contact the BHS FAB President Terri Longo or specific board members for more information.
2015-2016 Fine Arts Booster Board
President Terri Longo
Treasurer Paul Mahon
Secretary Carrie Stegvik
Director of Fine, Visual and Performing Arts Brigid Tileston
Advisor Kimberly Priola
Alumni Char and Bob Moos
Alumni Tedd Gagen
Citrus Diana Jonske
Citrus Laura Kamptner
Citrus Marilyn Andriesen
Communications Chrissie Mena
Communications (PTO Rep) Cyndi Burks
Communications Hilary Kaboski
Communications Karen Trzaska
Communications Susan Stoga
Concessions Giovanna and Mike Egleston
Concessions Susan and Mike Fitzgerald
Concessions Susan Lenz
Member at Large Debbie DaSilva
Member at Large Pam VanLeirsburg
Membership Jeri Broderick
Membership Susan Buerckholtz
Membership Susan Stoga
Scholarship Amy Brown
Scholarship Karen Malec
Student Board Stacey Lidbury
Band Rep Dale Juffernbruch
Band Rep Ruth Schlossberg
BHS TV/Video Production Rep Lori Madison
BHS TV/Video Production Rep Terri Longo
Choir Rep Diane Mahon
Choir Rep Kelli Davenport
Dance Rep Adriana Rahfaldt
Dance Rep Jen Schimmel
Dance Rep Kirsten Neptun
Drama/Theater Rep David Gibbons
Drama/Theater Rep Susan Gibbons
Orchestra Rep Pam Conroy
Visual Arts Rep Amy Kenrich Woods
Visual Arts Rep Stacey Lidbury